EliteVibez Awards

Eva EliteVibez Awards 2014

Welcome to EliteVibez Awards. Elitevibez awards is an Elitevibez magazine initiative. Since its inception in 2010 it has strived to reward and promote outstanding youths in institutions all over kwara state with celebrity events, red carpet, autograph
sessions and an interactive high flying night. Elitevibez awards is now a trending must collect for every happening and tight individual across campuses in kwara state. This year promises to be the same and much more. The 3rd edition of elitevibez magazine awards. An elite vibez magazine initiative.

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  • Categories

    • Artist Of The Year
    • Best couple
    • Best upcoming artist kwasu
    • Best uprising artist Ilorin male
    • dj of the year
    • Entertainment Outfit of the year
    • Face of Alhikmah
    • Face of Kwarapoly
    • Face of Kwasu
    • face of kwasu male
    • Fashion Designer of The year
    • Honorary Award
    • Kwasu ambassador
    • Ladies Man
    • M.C/comedian of the year
    • Miss ebony
    • Miss endowed
    • Miss Fresher Alhikmah
    • Miss Fresher Kwasu
    • Miss Fresher Unilorin
    • Money bag
    • money power respect
    • Most Attractive
    • Most composed
    • Most expensive female
    • Most expensive male
    • Most Influential Alhikmah
    • Most Influential Kwasu
    • Most Influential Unilorin
    • Most popular female Alhikmah
    • Most popular female Kwasu
    • Most popular female Unilorin
    • Most popular male Alhikmah
    • Most popular male Kwasu
    • Most popular male Unilorin
    • Most sophisticated female Alhikmah
    • Most sophisticated female KwaraPoly
    • Most sophisticated female Kwasu
    • Most sophisticated male Alhikmah
    • Most sophisticated male kwarapoly
    • Most sophisticated male Kwasu
    • Mr ebony
    • Mr endowed
    • Mr fresher
    • Music Producer of the year
    • Radio personality of the year
    • Record label of the year
    • Rich kid
    • Song of the year
    • sport personality of the year
    • Student entrepreneur
    • Student personality of the year
    • Style and simplicity
    • Style and simplicity Kwasu
    • Tightest clique Female
    • Tightest clique male
    • tightest club
    • Tightest club boy
    • Tightest club chief
    • tightest wardrobe female
    • tightest wardrobe male
    • vibez ambassador
    • young actor of the year
    • Young Artist Of The Year
    • Young entrepreneur
    • Young money



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